MEDICAL MULTI-FUNCTION ULTRASONIC SYSTEM a brand new cleaning equipment for medical devices
MUS-6 medical multi-function ultrasonic cleaner is a brand new cleaning equipment for medical device. Besides normal ultrasonic cleaning action, it provides an innovative solution to clean long, narrow tubes by spraying inside surface. Lipids, blood and proteins are easily removed from the inner chamber of the tube through the cavitation process. This Cleaner is Ideal for Medical and Scientific laboratories.

  Medical Multi-Function Ultrasonic System --- MUS-6

* Spray function, liquid level controller, temperature monitor
* Automatic water supplying and draining
* Automatic and rational detergent supplying

• Large LCD digital screen, easy operation for time and temperature setting
• Count-down time and actual temperature real time displaying
• Temperature control range: Room Temperature(RT)+5 – 80°C
• Variable power output
• Fully microprocessor controlled and completely programmable
• Intelligent power failure recovery
• Very Reliable Industrial-Grade Transducer
• Easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel tank
• Stainless steel basket and lid, bottom-mounted drain

Ultrasonic power: 600W
Heating Power: 700W
Capacity: 30L
Frequency: 59kHz, 40kHz, 33kHz, 25kHz (customer designated)


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