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The ultimate satisfaction of our end-user is our goal, and we are working on the goal of ’Mutual Benefit with the customer’. We are supplying quality product yet competitive prices.

Main produt line includes: lead free reflow oven, lead free wave solder machine, normal reflow oven, PCB,normal wave solder machine, tabletop reflow oven, tabletop wave solder machine, borad loader, board unloader, Conveyors, etc. What is more, we have had wide cooperation with companies in Spain, Italy, Brazil, USA and Germany. We have introduced pick & place machine, Full vision stencil printer from oversea market.

Lead-free Wave Solder & Lead-free Reflow Oven
BEN-Z400F bench lead-free wave
ST-400F Mid-sized Lead-free Wave
BM-W430/630 Lead-free Bench Top Reflow Oven
BM-W645/845G2 Lead-free Mid-sized Reflow Oven
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PCB Handling Conveyors
SMT Loader
Linkage/Inspection conveyor
SMT Unloader
PCB Invertor
Bare board stacker/destacker
Bare Board Vacuming handling BV-88
ESD unloader for wave solder
Inserting conveyor
LCD Assembling/aging conveyor
CFL assembling/Aging conveyor
Roller Conveyor
Auto Dross Separator SDS-007
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AOI and Printer
Benchtop offline AOI OK-S350
In Line AOI OK-1000
Semi-Printer SP-400
Fully Auto Printer
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