SMT Automation Equipments
  Your One-Stop SMT Automation Equipment Solutions
rovides from Lead-free Wave Solder, Lead-free Reflow Oven, Curing Oven ,AOI and Printer, Customized project, PCB Handling Conveyors, Dross Separator ...

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Ultrasonic Cleaner
ideal for cleaning various components
It's capable of cleaning various components, parts, instruments faster and better than any other procedure known, saving valuable time & increase productivity...
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Ultrasonic Homogenizer
ideal for protein & enzyme extraction
High efficiency & low cost laboratory, biocell homogenizer. Featuring with 20KHz converter, tapered horn, disrupts & homogenizes sample batches from 0.5-600ml...
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High-Speed Tubular Centrifuge
ideal for Food, Biotechnology & pharmaceutical industries
It is mainly used for separation of suspension with small solids which is hard to separate & suitable for solid-liquid separation with low concentration, small particles, high viscosity & small difference of specific gravity of 2 medium. Ideal for University Lab, laboratories, research institutes and other industries....
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Customized, Special-Designed Ultrasonic System
custom-designed to meets various demand
The increased awareness of ultrasonics as an effective & efficient today's cleaning technology, more & more industries for an ever increasing range of different applications & requirements...
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Industiral HD Cleaner
Heavy-Duty Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ideal for heavy-usage cleaning purpose, its produce a powerful cleaning force, which is capable of removing the toughest, contaminates without incurring damage to the substrate...
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Lab Oven / Incubator
solutions for research & industry
Laboratory / Biocells equipment, ovens, incubators, boiling baths, environmental chambers, water baths, tissue culture and plant growth...
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